Food Grown and eating in Australia

australian-grapes-jpeg Fresh picked grapes from grape vines. Most of these grapes are used for making wine which is exported to different continents and countries.

Grapes are serve as fruits and used for making fruit drinks or added in salads.

australia-kangaroo-steak Kangaroo steaks well prepared for lunch or dinner. It is typically serve in most Australian restaurants with red skin potatoes and green beans as side dish.
fresh-tomatoes Fresh tomatoes: Can be eating fresh, in salad or canned and preserve for future use.

Their tomatoes can products are found across the globe and its use for preparing different dishes which are commonly eating everywhere.

australia-wellington-steak Wellington Steak, known for its delicious taste is eaten by majority of the population. You get your satisfaction for a buck.

When dinning out, the sizing varies and fillings come in different choices. Very inviting with different wine flavors.

fish-and-chips Fish and chips: Fish and chips are very popular by the harbor in restaurants and cafés to tourists as well as individuals dinning out.
australia-rice-farm Rice farm: Rice is grown in moist area and harvested, shelled and sift when ready to be consumed before bagged for export and import use.
chicken-and-avocado-salad A hearty platter of salad mixed with chicken, avocado and fresh tomatoes. Australia are known for eating very well. Their restaurants fall within world class standard and maintain luxurious amenities within the continent and nearby countries.
 australia-corn-farms Corn farm: Corn harvested from farms which will be milled for making flours of all grades. When harvested fresh, it’s sold fresh, canned or frozen.
walnut-farm Walnuts and other Nut Trees: Nuts are harvested when ready to consumption. These nuts are dried and stored; ready to be exported or imported to different countries through several market channels.
 australia-nuts-planted-in-farms Edible nuts eaten fresh, roasted or crushed and use for spices in making pastries, cookies or cakes.

Some of these nuts are used for making sauce of different flavors to eat with meat of fish well prepared.