Indian OceanThe Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest Ocean in the world. The surface of the planet is approximately 71% water and contains (5) five oceans, including the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern. Their borders are indicated on the world image (left) in varied shades of blue.

For many years only (4) four oceans were officially recognized, and then in the spring of 2000, the International Hydrographic Organization established the Southern Ocean, and determined its limits. Those limits include all water below 60 degrees south, and some of it, like the Arctic Ocean, is frozen.

The Indian Ocean is bounded by Africa from the South East, Asia from the South and Australia from the West. There are so many activities and trades going on in these oceans transporting goods by sea, air and within their individual continents as well. The distribution, transportation, fisheries and fashion industries are noticeable and remarkable.

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    • I’m glad you like the images captured on INDIAN OCEAN. There are lots of travelling through this ocean. Industries such as fisheries, rice and shrimp crackers are best during Fall and Winter season. Carving of yachts and ships also take place on their frontiers.


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