Family of Geese

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  1. How wonderful it is to capture a site like this. This family of geese are flocking a flooded backyard with seven goslings as you can see from this picture. When they are in ponds or streams, they propagate ripples, ripples, ripples of small wave of water outwards while they swim, swim, swim; flapping, flapping, flapping; flocking, flocking, flocking and floating, floating, floating through the streams. These goslings learn how to swim, swim, swim and feed from mother goose and father goose.

    When they raise from one landing spot to another, you can here how they quack, quack, quack; whoosh, whoosh, whoosh vibrating from layers of air and landing in a circular motion facing towards the opposite direction.

    Father goose stay on guard to protect them from intruders.

    Mother goose and father goose tell endless short and long stories to their goslings while they flock and grow with other geese, small animals like squirrels, deer, weasels, ferrets and beavers. Come see them chasing baby fish found on the banks of streams, worms and nibble, nibble, nibble on fresh weeds.

    They feed on grains like birds, weeds and worms found in muddy areas and wetland.

    They tend to have two to twelve goslings during nesting seasons with other pairs of geese and raise their goslings through six months period while they cultivate the life cycle of geese. After a year or two, you will find them parenting their goslings.


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