Map of West Virginia, USA

Map of West Virginia, USA

West Virginia is located in the East Coast (South Atlantic) region of the United States. It’s bordered by the states of Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Capital city: Charleston
Location: 38º 36′ N, 81º 63′ W

Commercial city:
Location: 37º 26′ N, 81º 22′ W
Location: 39º 46′ N, 77º 95′ W

Geographical area and extent:

Located in the eastern US, in the South Atlantic region, West Virginia ranks 41st in size among the 50 states.

The area of West Virginia totals 24,231 sq mi (62,758 sq km), including 24,119 sq mi (62,468 sq km) of land and 112 sq mi (290 sq km) of inland water. The state extends 265 mi (426 km) E-W; its maximum N-S extension is 237 mi (381 km). West Virginia is one of the most irregularly shaped states in the US, stretching into parts of its surrounding states as listed. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

West Virginia is bordered on the N by Ohio (with the line formed by the Ohio River), Pennsylvania, and Maryland (with most of the line defined by the Potomac River); on the E and S by Virginia; and on the W by Kentucky and Ohio (with the line following the Ohio, Big Sandy, and Tug Fork rivers).

The total boundary length of West Virginia is 1,180 mi (1,899 km). The geographical center of the state is in the Elk River Public Hunting Area in Braxton County, 4 mi (6 km) E of Sutton.

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