Quiz – Australia Geographical Map

Directions: Include (place) the following items on your map.

  1. Label all states/territories of (the Country of) Australia.
  2. Put a STAR and label Australia’s national capital.
  3. Put an orange circle and label state/territory’s capital cities.
  4. Color each state/territory a different color.
  5. Label the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
  6. Draw and label the Tropic of Capricorn.
  7. Label the followingneighboring countries: Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea and New Zealand.
  8. Include a complete title at the top of the map.
  9. Create a key/legend for the symbols used.
  10. Draw in a compass indicating the four axis of a map.

Politics and Social Studies

  1. Name four common food grown in Australia.
  2. Name four industrial products from Australia.
  3. Who is the president of Australia?
  4. What is the population of Australia?
  5. What type of weather does Australia experience?
  6. Include six pictures of Australia from Google Inc. and a description of each picture (location) which may interest others about the ins-and-outs of those places.