Map of Utah, USA

Map of Utah, USA

Utah is located in the west-central region (or Rocky Mountain States area) of the United States of America, a part of North America – Utah is bordered by the states of Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Capital city: Salt Lake City
Location: 40º 45′ N, 111º 53′ W

Commercial city: Moab
Location: 38º 34′ N, 109º 32′ W

Geographical area and extent:

Located in the Rocky Mountain region of the western US, Utah ranks 11th in size among the 50 states.

The area of Utah totals 84,899 sq mi (219,899 sq km), of which land comprises 82,073 sq mi (212,569 sq km) and inland water 2,826 sq mi (7,320 sq km). Utah extends 275 mi (443 km) E-W and 345 mi (555 km) N-S.

Utah is bordered on the N by Idaho; on the NE by Wyoming; on the E by Colorado; and on the S by Arizona (with the two borders joined at Four Corners); and on the W by Nevada. The total boundary length of Utah is 1,226 mi (1,973 km). The state’s geographic center is in Sanpete County, 3 mi (5 km) N of Manti.

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