Attractions and cool weather effects

Have you ever notice that October is one of the coolest month in the year? People may be thinking why, but they can easily tend around and realize that their kids and children have adapted to their new environment of schooling, limiting the number of visits to the doctors and geared up with all sorts of treats and tricks ideas to enjoy settling down just like the weather. The best things about October can be experience from nature just turning into different colors and attracting our creativity within each and everyone of us to contribute to different festivities. Either by buying or selling products. Its always a wonderful time to appreciate nature and draw from its tremendous powers. When these thoughts are projected on whatever form of arts, they can be visualize at different angles by the observers to disproof certain flows, thus challenging the mind to determine what factors may had contributed to those results during the process of production.

Acrylic painting using rectangle red mate as border frame.

Digital Acrylic painting using rectangle red mate as border frame.

The calmness and coolness keeps the mind of artists to an imaginary flow of thoughts leaving them to portray their creativities on whatever media they’re working with. These works can be found on prints, ceramics, labels, paintings, outfits, museums, infrastructures and much more. If you are a music lover and live nearby metropolitan cities, you can always catch symphonies’ series played in orchestra chambers, dramas performed in local playhouses etc. There are always night live themes for you and your family or hangout friends, to enjoy.

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