Minneapolis Downtown


This website is design to capture places and things, and the stories behind them. There are many fascinating places to visit and numerous things to do while visiting or living in these interesting locations.

No matter how little or more information captured about a place or thing, the timely information becomes more apparent giving a better understanding of the location and circumstances. We are always glad to hear from our viewers more about these places and things as they explore the world visiting interesting locations.

It is mostly used by inquisitive minds, educators, scientists, artists of all ages and people searching to discover whatever information they may find from the internet about these places.

It has been noted lately that, more and more individuals continue to research and keep up with the latest development taking place around the world. Some of the images display and collected on this website can be found in museums across the globe in different continents.

All our visitors are welcome to leave comment(s) and tell us more if you recognize these places.

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